7 Ways To Earn Free Bitcoin In 2019

Earning Free Bitcoin

Bitcoin is perhaps one of the best assets you can own right now if you’re a wise investor or business person. A lot of people have been interested in getting Bitcoin especially since the Bitcoin price surge of recent months, but the only limitation is the money involved in getting Bitcoin.

Although newbies have got the money needed to get Bitcoin, but the fear of losing their money to a process they don’t fully understand scares them. That’s why in this article I will be telling you guys different ways you can earn free Bitcoin deposited directly into your Bitcoin wallet. I will show you guys the ways to earn some amount of Bitcoin and these methods are still valid in 2019.

I specifically wrote this article due to the recent increase in the number of people interested in owning Bitcoin in 2019 but just can’t afford it. Everyone has the right to own the most disruptive currency the world has ever seen, and if you believe you deserve free Bitcoin – maybe you do.

After reading this article you’ll become an expert in locating platforms and sites for free Bitcoin and even help your friends earn more Bitcoin and live the financially free life you’ve always dreamed of (this will only happen if you invest a sizable amount of money in Bitcoin, can’t get this life for free).


Popular ways to earn free Bitcoin

1. Bitcoin Faucets: One of the easiest ways to earn Bitcoin especially if you’re a newbie to the space is through micro earnings. The most popular micro earnings avenue to earn money are Bitcoin Faucets.

What you should know with this method of earning free Bitcoin is this – you’ll earn just small amounts of Bitcoin, if you plan to earn big with Bitcoin Faucets then you’ll have to work extremely hard, which isn’t really advisable. The effort is too high for the amount of Bitcoin you’ll earn.

Bitcoin Faucets are just another type of pay per click. You log into a Bitcoin faucet website and you’re shown some adverts, your job is to click on whatever you’re told to click on and some little amount of Bitcoin (Satoshi) is sent directly to your wallet. Let’s say you click on those adverts continuously for 2 hours, you’ll earn nothing more than a dollar worth of Bitcoin. That’s why it’s for newbies who just want to get a taste of how it feels like to own Bitcoin.

Bitcoin faucet

2. Running a signature campaign: If you’ve been in the cryptocurrency space for a while, I’m sure you’d have heard of Bitcointalk. It’s a website where new cryptocurrency projects go to amass soldiers to help them promote their product and they pay for your services either in Bitcoin or their own cryptocurrency – which you can convert to Bitcoin at the end of the day.

To earn money running a signature campaign you’d need to have an account on Bitcointalk, be active for at least three months on the platform, have a great profile, have the skills needed to promote a cryptocurrency project, and you’re eligible to start earning Bitcoin running a signature campaign.

They have different levels of profile on the forum, only members with profile as “full member” are eligible to participate in any campaign.

To hit this profile you need to have at least made 120 posts on the forum. You can make up to $10 an hour from Bitcointalk if you’re good with writing original content and completing the tasks needed to earn the required Bitcoin.

3. Bitcoin Affiliate Programs: One of the best ways to earn substantial amounts of free Bitcoin is participating in affiliate programs that pay commission in Bitcoin. Surprisingly this is also the most overlooked or underrated ways of earning free Bitcoin.

All you have to do is promote some cryptocurrency related businesses or products either through your social media channels or even create a website for it. If you promote any business as an affiliate partner and someone buys the product through you, the company pays you a commission for that sale, amazing right?

There are hundred of companies that run affiliate programs, you just have to register with them, get your affiliate link and start promoting their products. The more you promote and get people to patronize their product the more Bitcoin you earn. But I’ll have to tell you this, it isn’t the easiest method to earn free Bitcoin, you have to put in effort to make this work for you – if it does work for you though, you’ll reap full benefits and have a wallet filled with Bitcoin – literally!

4. Bounties and airdrop: This is another easy way you can earn free Bitcoin. Bounty and airdrop campaigns are everywhere these days (if you know where to look). How does it work? When a new start-up develops a cryptocurrency project the best way to raise money is through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering), but before the ICO they’ll need to make the cryptocurrency community aware of their product.

That’s why they give out free tokens to members of the community who participates in some little task, it is called an airdrop campaign. They might ask you to like their follow their Twitter account or like some of their tweet to earn free tokens, some ask you to join their telegram channel and complete some tasks to get free Bitcoin.

There are several tasks you’ll complete, when you’re done you earn some certain amount of cryptocurrency which will be deposited in your cryptocurrency wallet after the ICO campaign. Bounty programs are a little more complicated than airdrop campaigns; for bounty campaigns you’ll need to have some required skills like writing skills, video editing skills, programming skills or any skills they think is necessary to promote their product.

Writing skills are needed to create good content that will be shared on different blogs and social media channels to engage the cryptocurrency community, video editing skills needed for creating great video content to be shared on YouTube and other communities who engage with video content.

Your programming skills is needed in a role where you’ll earn a lot of cryptocurrency “bug bounty campaign”. Here you’re tasked with detecting any bugs in the source code of the project, if you successfully detect a bug in the program and offer a solution, you’ll be rewarded with a sizable amount of cryptocurrency..

Bitcointalk signature campaign is another type of bounty program, to learn more about Bitcointalk campaigns refer to number 3.

5. Bitcoin Casinos: Do you know how to gamble? Are you good at poker, Russian Roulette and other gambling games that I really don’t know about? Then you can use your expertise to earn free Bitcoin.

There are several Bitcoin Casinos online, you play to earn Bitcoin. There isn’t really much to talk about for this method, just know the game, choose a casino with fair rules, win some games and earn free Bitcoin straight to your wallet!

6. Bitcoin Games: For all the gamers out there, yes I’m talking to you. You can earn free Bitcoin doing what you love – playing games online. You can find several online games offering bitcoin as price for winning games. Although the prize money in Bitcoin is small but in not time you can amass a sizable amount of Bitcoin.

When you log into these gaming platforms, you’re required to play games, view ads on the platform and get rewarded in Bitcoin directly to your Bitcoin wallet.

7. Writing about Bitcoin: If you can write good articles like I can (lol, I write great articles actually) then you can use your skills to earn a good amount of Bitcoin. There’s a lot of hunger for cryptocurrency related news in recent years, you can cash in on that and earn Bitcoin in the process.

You can write for bounty campaigns, write as a freelancer for cryptocurrency publications, you can also set up a profile on freelance job sites like Fiverr and Upwork, tell people you write about cryptocurrency and get paid.

There’s no limit to the amount of Bitcoin you can earn if you know how to write great Bitcoin related articles.


Bitcoin going mainstream is inevitable, why not start amassing a fortune in Bitcoin. Even if your excuse was hinged around bot having money to invest now you know how to get it for free. Even if it doesn’t amount to much now, you can just keep it, I assure you this, in no time that little amount of Bitcoin you have now might change your life!

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