Akon’s Blockchain Startup to Establish a Hub in Kenya

A joint project between Akon’s blockchain startup, Akoin, Dutch Effect.AI, will establish a blockchain center in Kenya. The famous Senegalese music producer and singer, who is also a blockchain advocate, is setting up a blockchain hub in East Africa.

The project, known as “Kenyan Opportunity Hub,” aims to promote digital ledger and artificial intelligence education. The blockchain hub, a joint project between Akon’s blockchain startup and  EOSIO-powered project Effect.AI, is set to launch during Q4 2020, and it will be the first initiative of its kind in Africa.

First of its kind in Africa

According to reports, Kenyan Opportunity Hub will be managed by Akon’s philanthropic brand, the Akon Foundation. Moreover, the hub will be the first African Blockchain Hub in a string of the so-called Akon-Effect Opportunity Hubs. Individuals will be able to access the blockchain and AI-related education on top of paid online gigs that will be paid using crypto on the Effect.AI’s blockchain platform.

Additionally, Akon’s blockchain startup’s announcement noted the hub would be located near Mwale Medical and Technology City, a scheme operated by United States engineering firm, KE International. By setting up blockchain the blockchain hub near Mwale, the developers aim to unleash new work opportunities such as digital medical records translation.

Akon’s blockchain startup awarded a $6 billion contract to build a crypto city

Moreover, the announcement noted that the Kenyan Opportunity Hub would gain from a similar hub in Rustavi, Georgia, by Effect.AI. The Georgian center was launched in conjunction with the United Nations Development Program back in 2019. The program aims to propel industry job opportunities while promoting tech knowledge. 

Effect.AI is based in the Netherlands, and it is a decentralized AI network built on the EOS Network. The news of the new Kenyan blockchain hub comes just a few days after Akon was granted a $6 billion contract to build a crypto city in Senegal. In conclusion, the project visualizes the creation of a “100% crypto-based city” featuring Akon’s blockchain startup’s native token, Akoin.

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