Crypto exchange SAFCOIN to revamp Africa’s remittance space

Africa-based crypto exchange SAFCOIN, has launched its exclusive digital currency platform for trading. SAFCOIN users will enjoy zero-fees trading on the exclusive African cryptocurrency exchange platform. 

SAFCOIN aims to make cryptocurrency exchange among South Africans and Africans in general easier and within reach. Moreover, the platform offers a simple, clean user friendly interface that is simple to navigate. Africans can enjoy hassle-free trading on SAFCOIN crypto exchange.

Crypto exchange SAFCOIN to attract zero-trading fees

According to reports, crypto exchange SAFCOIN is the first in Africa to offer zero-fees trading services.  Indeed, the platform is trying to enhance an effortless trading experience among Africans who are interested in cryptocurrencies. 


SAFCOIN CEO, Neil Ferreira stated:


“The cryptocurrency market has been on a positive trajectory globally. It’s exciting to see the increased adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Africa. We’re proud to be able to support this growth with current and future projects that we’re developing on the SAFCOIN blockchain.”


In fact, the key goal of SAFCOIN crypto exchange is to revamp the remittance space in the continent.The cryptocurrency exchange platform aims to eliminate the red tape and bulky trading processes by making SAFCOIN a widely accepted payment method among African countries. According to SAFCOIN, this will help drive international trade in the continent.


Cryptocurrency interest surge among Africans

Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies have been gaining a lot of interest among AfricansSquare and Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey actually said he will be visiting Africa for up to six months to  bring bitcoin and its benefits to the continent.

With the institution of SAFCOIN, Africa’s reputation with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will potentially rise. In fact, many Africans can now easily buy and sell digital currencies using credit/debit cards on the new crypto exchange.

Furthermore, SAFCOIN has partnered with job listing firm,  Mobi Jobs to advertise the several job listings on its new project. In conclusion, with about 86% of jobs across Africa labelled as informal, SAFCOIN hopes to change that by appointing African developers to help create its blockchain ecosystem.

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