Cardano Reveals Largest Blockchain deployment in Africa

Charles Hoskinson has been very vocal about the largest blockchain deployment in Africa. He has always spoken about his company IOG and its numerous Defi projects in Africa. IOG was formerly known as IOHK.

“The fact that the projects are this big might have been surprising even to longtime Cardano community members,”  John O’Connor said in an interview on Saturday. John O’Connor is the Director of African Operations at IOG.

According to O’Connor, IOG is currently in the final stages of a big government contract. Meanwhile, we are finalizing the deal that will bring millions of people into the Cardano blockchain.

By the end of February, all processes should be complete, and a public announcement will be made, O’Connor hopes. Meanwhile, the report will be part of the monthly updates of IOHK with interviewees from Ethiopia.

This project will focus on Atala PRISM, a decentralized identity built on the Cardano blockchain. Likewise, the project will provide a seamless and private medium data storage medium. Thus, people can own their personal information and interact with organizations securely.

“I think this will be the largest blockchain deployment done anywhere, period. I am not including speculative asset trading……., but this a real-world deployment in the world.” 

– John O’Connor

Largest Blockchain deployment in Africa

Similarly, IOG will complete another project in Tanzania soon. This project is to provide Internet access to Africans who don’t have it. IOHK will provide each telecom customer a digital identity. Meanwhile, $ADA will serve as a payment method. IOG is looking to make “some serious moves into the financial inclusion” with this project.

Meanwhile, IOG has three other focus countries in Africa, South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya. Projects in these countries are will attract up to 100 million customers in the first stage.

Cardano is looking to build the largest blockchain deployment in Africa. There are plans for 15 more African countries. Of course, these projects aim to provide solutions to some African problems.

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