Ethiopia Launches Identity System without Cardano

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Peace has recently launched a National Identity System – without involving Cardano. Although a Reddit thread claims the system is based on Cardano’s Atala PRISM, it is not.

A partner of IOG confirmed the story – “We are not currently working with the Ministry of Peace.” Meanwhile, news relating to Africa is in the pipeline; there are no announcements now. The Reddit thread and local reports are mere speculations. Ethiopia launched the National Identity System without involving Cardano. Of course, Atala PRISM is not the basis for the national identification system.

Identity System without Cardano

The ministry completed the first pilot test for the identity system last week. The slogan for the test was, “One Man is One.” The database stores the basic personal information of Ethiopian citizens. Personal info including full name, date of birth, sex, nationality, and contact address.

Likewise, biometric data like fingerprints, eyeballs, and photo images. The announcement states that the technology can identify persons by card and a biometric system. Thus, registered Ethiopians may not go around with their ID card as biometrics can identify each person.

The Ministry of Peace also said that service providers would integrate with the identity system. So, they will be able to register new customers and serve their customers quickly.

Cardano claims to be in the final stage of a contract with the Ethiopian government. However, Ethiopia was able to launch the new identification system without Atala PRISM.

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