Nigerian Firm Patricia Launches Africa’s First BTC ATM Card

On Feb. 29 Nigeria-based e-commerce firm, Patricia Technologies Ltd, announced the launch of its own exclusive Patricia Bitcoin ATM card. This is the first bitcoin card in Africa, a global financial invention which will simplify the way both new and old bitcoin users handle their crypto transactions at the swipe of a card.

Moreover, Patricia Bitcoin ATM cards allows its users to make instant transactions without experiencing any technical or network delays. In addition, the card is linked with Patricia Wallet which enables users to store their digital currency, save and also sanction payments or transfers.

Additionally, Patricia Bitcoin ATM card users can initiate both Point of Sale (POS) and web transactions at any time using the card. The ATM card allows withdrawals and cash transfers just like regular bank’s ATM cards; on any ATM machine.

Patricia ATM Card to Drive Mass Adoption of Crypto

The e-commerce firm aims to take advantage of its insights and the services it offers to engage more clients and explore even a broader market. This new development is an addition to the firm’s strong devotion to financial inclusion; and developing products that focus on offering real solutions that enable an all-inclusive economy.

According to the founder of Patricia Technologies, Fejiro Agbodje, combining digital infrastructure; with the traditional bank and card processing technologies is a significant step to drive mass adoption of digital currencies

“That’s why we combine digital infrastructure with existing card processing and banking infrastructure. This is a necessary step to drive the mass adoption of digital cryptocurrencies,” stated Fejiro Hanu Agbodje, the Founder Patricia Technologies Limited.

In conclusion, Patricia Technologies was founded back in 2017; to create a safe and a secure market enabling successful trading of gift cards across Africa. The firm creates custom web portals where the firm conducts its business with its customers. Additionally, the e-commerce firm has a wide digital media reach according to its website.


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