SA Crypto Startup Partners With OkEx Exchange

ChainEx, a local South African cryptocurrency exchange has partnered with one of the world’s leading exchanges, OKEx. The new partnership will allow crypto traders more liquidity and an opportunity to access a global exchange. 

Ryno Mathee, Chief Technology Officer of ChainEX comments on the new partnership and what it means for traders. 

“This collaboration will give many South Africans and Africans access to a Top Tier, Global Cryptocurrency Exchange, as well as bring new liquidity and volume to ChainEX.” 

OKEx is a Malta-based secure crypto exchange that provides advanced financial services to traders through the use of blockchain technology. It claims to secure a nearly $1.5-billion daily trading volume with hundreds of trading pairs to help traders optimise their strategy.

The new partnership between the crypto exchanges aims to eliminate barriers to transactions and increase the efficiency of transactions. With this new venture, ChainEX will have access to creating an international footprint in the industry. 

Ivan Chen, Business Manager of OKEx Africa explains that the partnership will benefit both parties and its users. 

“OKEx respects partnership as the key steps to develop and provide local services to users. In the meanwhile, building a win-win cooperation with ChainEX will lead us to a better future.”

This new partnership follows after the announcement that the Jefferey’s Bay based startup introduced a quick buy and sell feature .

The new partnership signifies a milestone for the South African crypto startup who claims that it is pioneering the industry with new features and innovations.

These include a zero-percent maker fee, a knowledge base, dedicated ticket-based support, BTCV markets, and referral programs. Any trader can begin with ZAR and then diversify with thousands of cryptocurrencies.

The startup was founded in 2017 by Ryno Mathee, Otto Lessing (who serves as CEO), and Martin de Bruin.

Mattheee is an entrepreneur with a software development background, while Lessing was admitted as a lawyer in 2001 and has been involved in multiple ventures before becoming involved with ChainEX.

De Bruin is a financial manager at one of the largest dairy farms in South Africa.

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