TE Markets launches ACEX, Targets Cryptocurrencies & Commodities Trading

In a bid to ease the hassles of doing business among African entities and nations, TE Markets, an adaptable company with interest and investments in real estate, mining and exploration and digital financial services, recently, launched the African Consolidated Exchange (ACEX).

 According to a statement from its Managing Director, Ian Mvula, ACEX will be a trailblazing infrastructure for players in the financial markets and in Africa’s digital finance ecosystem.

 Mvula explained that the newly launched innovative infrastructure will serve as a digitalised general store for all forex traders, crypto traders, stakeholders and investors in the financial market on the African continent, and beyond and noted that the company is committed to positively rewriting the African story, with the commitment of its seasoned team of diligent professionals.

He  added that ACEX, being a one-stop exchange built by TE Markets, would be a pan-African and multi-assets trading platform that would allow people to buy and sell stocks, ETFs, Bonds, Forex CFDs, crypto-currencies and commodities.

“ACEX will be an exchange bustling with liquidity providers, merchants, traders and investors alike. It will be the first exchange where producers from Africa can list their produce, fix their competitive price and earn direct rewards for their effort. African products such as cobalt, cocoa, and timber will be synthetically indexed and offered as quotes for traders to take advantage of,” he said.

He disclosed that businesses within the TE Markets ecosystem, namely: TE Properties; TE Micro funding, TE Payment Gateway, TE Capital and Red Planet will all be listed on ACEX.

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