Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Africa (2020)

Cryptocurrency trading is fast gaining traction in Africa. Buying and selling Bitcoins is one of the most profitable investment opportunities in Africa. Since Bitcoin came into existence in 2008 till now, investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have become the smart investor’s go to option.

Since the launch of Bitcoin the price has risen over 1000% each year till today and there are other cryptocurrencies they’ve recorded growth higher than that of Bitcoin, some as high as 4000 times the growth in the price of Bitcoin.

Many countries in Africa have adopted the technology and has a growing crypto market, In this article we have listed few trusted cryptocurrency exchanges in Africa.


Remitano can be considered as one of the leading Cryptocurrency exchanges in Africa. Crypto investors in Africa will give you a good reason why buying Bitcoin or Alts from remitano is one of the best.

Sometimes remitano offers Bitcoin at a cheaper price than other exchanges in the market. Remitano also provides users with a secured wallet and they’re available in more than 50 countries In Africa.

You can buy Bitcoin from remitano from your bank account or meet the buyer in person and pay in cash. The platform connects buyers with sellers by making use of the escrow system.

Luno Exchange


Established in 2013 and relatively new, Luno operates in over 43 countries but have a very significant presence in Africa. Luno is a free wallet that is available for web, Android, and iOS phones.

It accepts both Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can download the app safely from the Google App Store or Play Store. Buying Bitcoins through Luno is really easy. You can deposit through credit cards or through bank transfer. It is, in fact, one of the safest ways to buy and trade bitcoins and Ethereum.

• Luno is one of the most trusted bitcoin wallets and is offering its services in more than 40 countries so far.
• Luno supports multiple languages.
• The interface is simple and easy with local payment methods.
• Round-the-clock customer service.
• The exchange is supported by some of the world’s leading investors.
• Secured by top-notch security features.


LocalBitcoins is a peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange market. This decentralized market allows the exchange of their local currencies for bitcoins. The site clearly enlists the current exchange rates in the platform.

People who wish to buy bitcoins can buy them through online banking or trade directly through cash by personally meeting their traders. Users have escrow accounts to safeguard the transactions.

LocalBitcoins focuses on bringing people together in one platform through online trading especially in countries where there is a lack of traditional banking industry.

• The platform supports a variety of payment methods.
• There are the host of security features that will safeguard the interests of its customers.
• You can now earn bitcoins through affiliate programs of LocalBitcoins. Simply refer your friends to your website and earn rewards.


This mobile app wallet supports more than 140 cryptocurrencies. Fast and secure, it has earned great reviews and is one of the most trusted Bitcoin wallets in the market. Changelly offers some of the best exchange rates in the market. Recently the platform has also added a new cryptocurrency Jaxx.

• A very minimal fee of about 0.5% only.
• Easy and fast transactions within 5 to 30 minutes.
• It offers high-exchange limits.
• Round-The-Clock live customer support.
• The platform is backed by highly proficient market experts.
• Users can now earn through Changelly’s affiliate programs. Just add the affiliate link to your website or social network and earn up to 50% for every transaction made through the link.


Coindirect is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in Africa. The Coindirect app is available online on Google Play and Apple Store and can be easily downloaded into your device.

The exchange supports multiple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and DAI. The most unique feature of this exchange is that you can now buy your crypto coins by using your credit or debit card. Simply open the free account and store your fiat or crypto money in the wallet.

• It supports more than 42 cryptocurrencies.
• You can instantly convert, send, and trade cryptocurrencies directly from your wallet.
• Exchange currencies at incredible rates.


Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Africa (2020)
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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Africa (2020)
Many countries in Africa have adopted the technology and has a growing crypto market, In this article we have listed few trusted cryptocurrency exchanges in Africa.
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