Top 5 Most Undervalued Cryptocurrencies to buy NOW (2020)

The recent bear market perhaps may have broken hearts, crushed dreams and sadly maybe even wrecked some lives too. Nevertheless, this period of prevalent red market provides investors with an exclusive window to make an investment on the most undervalued cryptocurrencies.


However, it is advisable that to amplify our earnings and slash the risk percentage, we need to focus on the most undervalued cryptocurrencies. Sad to say but this is not an easy task. Keep your worries down though; because we have done exactly that for you guys. We have put together a list of the top five most undervalued cryptocurrencies to add to your investment portfolio. 


But before we start, note that digital currency investment is considered a high risk venture. The high volatility of digital currencies may bring about the loss of capital. Let’s get started!


How we came up with the list

It is important for you to understand how we came up with the five undervalued digital currencies. These methods should not serve as a substitute for professional consultation but as an investment opinion or an educational material. 


We started by isolating the top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and the well known successful digital currency projects in the past. Since their current value is practically lower than their all time price, the assumption is that these virtual assets are undervalued and they will be due for price recovery sooner or later.


Additionally, cryptocurrencies have not been entirely and crypto mass adoption is imminent. It is a question of when will it happen due to the growth in popularity. Signs are the market will soon embark on a bull run and the entry of institutional grade investment products and services. In addition, the fast approaching bitcoin blocks halving event will only accelerate a bullish run in the market. This will only encourage more investors to enter the market. 


Here are things to keep in mind while deciding on which cryptocurrency to invest in:

  • Team and technology: Who is the developer of the digital currency? It is believed that if the team behind the development of a project has enjoyed success in the past, it is expected they will succeed in future projects. Is the technology employed unique and up to date? All these factors are essential for the success of the project.
  • Use case of the cryptocurrency: This refers to the role and the purpose of the cryptocurrency. A great deal of projects are unsuccessful because they fail to link the utility of the digital currency to  its business model. Does the coin offer any real life solution? Projects that offer real solutions are likely to be more successful.
  • Challenges and risks: To find the most undervalued cryptocurrencies, we have to evaluate the challenges that the project may encounter such as competition, legal issues, technical challenges and other risks. 
  • Traction and potential: Another important aspect to evaluate is the traction that the team behind a project has created. We check the social media presence, the size of its community, partnerships the project has made, the number of users and the market demand of its product or services. We evaluate the potential of the project; how big can this cryptocurrency grow? This is essential for long term investments.
  • Community thoughts: Finally, we find out what others in the industry think about the project. We conduct due diligence on the community’s opinion about the project by asking questions, reading blogs and articles and peeping at the project’s social media pages.

Moving forward, by combining all the above metrics, we came up with a list of five most undervalued cryptocurrencies. We have included both short term and long-term investment options. The coins have not been arranged in any particular order so don’t view it as a ranking. We hope these methods can help our readers identify their best investment options basing on their own preference and targets. 


1. Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin represents the pioneering use case of blockchain technology. In addition, BTC is the world’s most famous and most valuable digital currency. Some of you might be wondering why BTC is being listed among the most undervalued cryptocurrencies. I have an explanation for you.


BTC is among the most liquid digital currencies in the market. The recent plunge in the price of Bitcoin has not been good for anybody. However, this might be a blessing in disguise to investors willing to take risks. The current price of BTC, according to is $6,098.52. That is a massive slide considering the cryptocurrency once hit an all time high of $19,891.00. 


Bitcoin is considered as the gold standard of cryptocurrencies as it is a store of value. Considering its current price, its massive reputation in the world, it is only a matter of time before it rises back to its glory days.


In addition, the Bitcoin halving is fast approaching and this should only act as a catalyst to its value rising.


2. Ethereum (ETH)

Well, Ethereum is the first blockchain to have the Smart Contracts functionality. This feature permits developers to build on top of the ethereum network. The programmable blockchain ecosystem was founded by Vitalik Buterin back in 2013. 


Ethereum is dubbed as one of the most safe blockchain networks due to the incorporated PoW protocol. Ethereum is the key initiator of the digital crowdfunding system we call Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on top of expediting the rise of decentralized applications (dApps).


At press time, the price of ETH was $143.34 and it is the second most valuable digital asset after BTC. It’s all-time high price was $1,448.18. ETH has the potential to rise again. It has a variety of use cases and it will only keep growing since it has the highest number of multi-industry collaborations. Additionally, the number of financial instruments that support ETH are on the rise. Keep watch, invest wisely.

3. The Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Its founder is also the creator of JavaScript programming language and the founder of Mozilla and Firefox, Brendan Eich. BAT is an Ethereum-based token developed together with the Brave browser.


In addition, the use case of BAT as an exchange medium between content creators, advertisers and the audience is an excellent prospect. The token aims to categorically spruce up the effectiveness of digital advertising.


Despite the huge potential of BAT, it is among the most undervalued cryptocurrencies. Currently, according to, the price of one BAT token is $0.1729 which is about 6 times inferior than its all time high price. There is a lot of space to make solid returns here.


4. Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Enjin coin refers to itself as the gold standard of digital currencies. Off late, the virtual asset has been garnering a lot of popularity among gamers. Not long ago Enjin dispatched its mainnet on the ethereum ecosystem.


When ENJ was launched to the market, it enjoyed a successful bull run recording it’s all time high price. However, it got caught up in the ongoing bearish market that has generally affected markets across the globe. 


The Enjin ecosystem allows nearly anyone to develop games and in-game items with the tools in its blockchain. Games built through this blockchain are powered by the ENJ tokens. Considering the ambitions and the use case of the ENJ token, it is massively undervalued at 



5. EOS (EOS)

The EOS ecosystem is presumed to be an adaptable and an economical blockchain network. The EOS blockchain creation was pioneered by Dan Larime who has received numerous plaudits for developing Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS). This is the consensus protocol of EOS.


Furthermore, the EOS ecosystem has the capability of hosting both  enterprise-grade and industrial-grade decentralized applications. Its design can allow it to expand both horizontally and vertically making the network highly expandable.


In fact, it has been suggested that the EOS blockchain might overtake ethereum to become the figurehead in smart contracts. In addition, it is tied to USDT which is the largest stablecoin at the moment. Currently, EOS is valued at $2.24.  It’s all time high price value was at $19.35.



In this era, new virtual assets are being created everyday and deciding on which to invest among the thousands of tokens can be tiresome. Nevertheless, many investors will always select BTC as the ideal investment cryptocurrency. It remains to be the most fungible and approved digital currency in the world. The existence and success of the entire virtual assets industry depends on the success of bitcoin.

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